About 8 years has passed since we started handling import baby & kids brands.We could meet many wonderful brands, everyone talked about their stories with passion.

The partner brand connected us that have a history of over 100 years or give a shape of thought with a wish for children as a mother have each stories and weave the local lifestyle.We take on a role to introduce the story in Japan.We respect their lifestyle, and suggest according to the Japanese culture.

Recently, new communication tools such as Internet and SNS became popular.Not only picking the actual product up and checking the quality of that, but also taking advantage of these tools we can tell more exactly and then will be easy to understand image of their lifestyle.

We always tell you about the passion and stories of the partner brand through the suggestion of lifestyle.And we hope that support the richer life of all of you.

Company Profile

Company name Net Laboratories Inc.
Head Office 246 Aoyama Bldg. 9F1-4-6 Kitaaoyama Minato-ku
TOKYO 107-0061
TEL:+81-3-6721-1903 (Mon〜Fri 10:00~17:00)
Date of establishment May 2011
CEO Akira Oseto
Business Wholesale of import brands for baby and kids
Manage a select shop of import brands for baby and kids
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  • 3 minutes walk from Aoyama 1chome Station on Tokyo Metro Hanzomon-line and Ginza-line and Toei Oedo-line.
  • 5 minutes walk from Gaienmae Station on Tokyo Metro Ginza-line.